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These Experts Are Doing More Harm Than Good

June 20, 2019

“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

(If you have or suspect you might have thyroid related problems go to and watch the short video (about 23 minutes) that I made for you. It’s free… You don’t even have to give me your email.)

Hey, everybody. It's Dr. Cole. I wanted to make a video for you today because I am fired up right now. I just left my office. Had a really nice couple in there. The woman's type 2 diabetic. And she's super frustrated. Very emotional. She was doing a lot of crying because she is at her rope's end. She was told by her doctor, "I want you to follow this type of diet. You're a type two diabetic, we got to quit putting sugar in your body." And so I said to her, "Well, explain to me what it is you're doing." And she starts off telling me that her breakfast starts off with Cheerios and 2% milk. And I said, "Let's stop right there." I said, "Let's talk about this. The Cheerios are going to break down into sugar in your body. You're a type two diabetic. You've lost the ability to deal with sugar. And normally, you become insulin resistant. That thing that you're starting your day off is actually throwing gasoline on a fire that we're trying to put out. And that's not going to ever work. You're never going to allow yourself to get better if you keep throwing gas on the fire."

And we went through all of her diet and her husband said to me, "What about diet Pepsi?" I said, "Not good." He said, "She's drinking a ton of it. Her doctor said it was good for type 2 diabetes." Can you believe that? The person who's portraying himself as a health expert is telling somebody to drink diet Pepsi and lots of it in their day. And that somehow that's going to ever allow that person to get healthy. Here's what I told her. I said, "You could do everything right in your diet. But if you're drinking a ton of diet Pepsi every day, you may never ever get better." Why? It's because she's keeping inflammation at the cell level of her body around.

Guys, your cells are your building blocks. I'm a broken record. I've done so many videos and posts about this, but your cells are your foundation. They're your building blocks. If you're damaged, if you've got dysfunction, if you've got symptoms, if you have a disease, I can take those symptoms and I can trace them back to the cell level of your body. That's where they're manifested. In her, she's a type 2 diabetic. She's become insulin resistant. Where does that insulin resistance take place? At the cell level of the body. Insulin can't get in. It can't deliver its message. Sugar levels go up. They give you a drug like metformin, which will help to increase sensitivity at the cell membrane to insulin. So, they're trying to do something artificial, but we're trying to teach patients that they can do naturally. And so this applies to you, too.

The reason I wanted to write this is to ask you a question. Are you truly following a health program? Or are you unwittingly every day throwing gasoline on a fire? Keeping yourselves, your building blocks damaged. Keeping them inflamed by throwing gasoline on a fire, like my patient, unwittingly. Thinking you're doing the right things, but in reality, you're making your condition worse. So, you got to be a little bit of an investigator. You got to do a little bit of research. Go back and read the posts and watch the videos that we have on facebook talking about what causes cellular inflammation. Things like bad fats, and too much sugar, and too many toxins. Are you exposing yourself to these things daily and you're not getting better?

Look, it's not good enough to just do better. I've seen so many patients who do better. They tell me, "No, I eat vegetables, and I eat fruit, and I do all these good things." And then I dig a little deeper. And I also find out that they're consuming a ton of bad stuff. It's like the analogy that we use is this. If you damaged your lungs because you're a two or three pack a day cigarette smoker, what would happen if I told you to cut down to one pack a day? Do you think with that drastic change in consumption of cigarettes that you're ever gonna see your lungs get better? You're not. You might even smoke one or two cigarettes a day and never get better. Because you're not allowing your body a chance to heal. If you're a heavy drinker, two or three six packs a day, you have a fatty liver, are you gonna get better by cutting that back to a six pack a day? Nope, you're not.

And the same thing with you guys. When you're getting up and you're having a lot of good, healthy food but you're also supplementing it with a lot of bad food, vegetable oils, corn oils, and canola oil, and the breads, and biscuits, and bagels. These things that break down into sugar in your body. Or the typical American who's consuming 150 pounds of sugar per person per year. Let's say you're twice as good, and you only eat 75 pounds of sugar a year. Are you going to get better? The answer to that is no. You've got to look at what you're doing and you got to ask the question, am I promoting disease or am I promoting health in my body? Am I throwing gasoline on a fire or am I giving my body a chance to put that fire out? You shouldn’t always listen to the medical doctors generally when it comes to nutrition. Most of them do not know what they're talking about. I just can't even still ... I've been doing this for so long. The idea that you would recommend a diet Pepsi to a type 2 diabetic. It just blows my mind.

Anyway, I hope that this made sense to you. I hope I've spurred you to look at what you're doing and really analyze what you're doing. And just dig a little bit deeper. Get rid of the bad fats. Get rid of the sugar. We can talk about toxins another time. That's a whole separate thing. But try to go organic. Try to clean up your diet as much as you possibly can. And I'll bet you, in 30 days, if you're willing to do that, you'll start to finally see some change in how you feel, your symptoms, and ultimately even your diseases.

I hope this helps, guys.

Take care, guys. God bless.

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