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There is Hope for What You're Struggling with...Here's the Proof

July 3, 2019

“Better Health Begins At The Cell.” -Dr. Bill Cole

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Hey guys, today I wanted to tell you a story. I wanted to tell you about a pretty neat experience that happened to me back in October.

I had occasion with my family in Myrtle Beach for the month, and I took my mom along with me. My mom, 78 years old, really in poor health, she's never listened to a word that her son has ever told her even though everything she gets from me, obviously as my mom, would be for free. She's just never listened to me. I've got a dad who's five years older at 83. He can still do 20 pushups, he can play paintball, and he walks 18 holes of golf. Just really been a picture of health. Thank God for that! This summer we put a deck on our camp, and he outworked guys half his age. My dad's always been a type of person, he smoked cigarettes like my mom too, but at one point he said, "That's it, I'm done." And he quit and everything I've ever said to my dad, he tries to implement. And it's made an impact on his life.

My mom, on the other hand, doesn't have a lot of willpower, and she's just never really taken care of herself. She has end-stage COPD and walks around with an oxygen tank. She only 5' 1", and she weighs like 88 pounds. She's just skin and bones. She's had two heart attacks. So, I felt like this would be a really great opportunity for me to take my mom with me to Myrtle Beach, put her up in her own place, and then I was going to be just dictating everything that she did. She agreed to it! She felt like this was a great last opportunity for her to see if something could happen health-wise because it was starting to scare her with her breathing. She couldn't go steps without needing oxygen. Literally, couldn’t go just steps without needing oxygen.

We put her in her place in Myrtle Beach and from the get-go, every day I made her jugs of juice. I had this omega juicer, I brought it with me, and we were making her beet, carrot, apple, celery, kale, ginger, and lemon every morning. She had a big glass of that, and the rest of her day was filled with the things we recommend with patients, like wild salmon for the healthy fat and grass-fed beef and free range chicken and big salads every day, from the health food store down there. They would make a mixed vegetable salad with this curry chicken that we would put into it. We brought our own salad dressing from Primal Kitchen, which is avocado oil based.

I even let her have things that with some patients I might not, but it was organic cheese from raw milk. Everything was organic. Every single thing that I could find was organic. There were a couple things we couldn't find organic that we had to use, but almost everything was organic. She would snack on organic dates rolled in organic coconut and things like that. So she was having a lot of sugar, natural sugar, more than I would recommend for some people, but my mom weighed 88 pounds. I needed to get weight back on her. In a little bit over three weeks she had gained 14 pounds back. She went from 88 to 102 pounds, and in that time period, she went from not being able to take steps without oxygen to being able to go into Walmart without oxygen, do some shopping, and come back out without having any problems with her breathing like she normally would. I mean, by no means was she normal at that point or healthy, but you get what I'm saying here, guys.
She was end stage, stage four, she still is COPD, but we saw a tremendous change in a 78-year-old woman in just 30 days putting her on a strict whole food diet. We had some supplements that we were utilizing with her, too. All the basic stuff like turmeric and just the basic, good solid mineral supplement we have from Systemic Formulas. There were some other things, but I won't get into that right now.

My point right now is for you to understand that regardless of what your condition is, because her doctors told her there's nothing that you can do, nothing that you can do that's going to reverse this in any way, shape or form, this is your destiny. And she's on a ton of pills, right, and I'm like, “Baloney!” Now I know what I've seen, I've seen this for 34 years, and I know what can happen. I'm not saying we have the answer to everybody. There are limits to time and matter, I understand that. There are people who need their medications. I'm not saying that. So, don't send me stuff telling me, saying that I'm suggesting that we have a cure-all. I'm not saying that at all.

What I am saying is that with the way God made our bodies, we have a God-given capacity to heal. Even in my mother's weakened state, if I would cut her with a knife (not that I would actually do that), the second I cut her, her body starts the process of trying to heal that cut. That's what God gave us from the beginning. It's this God-given capacity towards health. What we do is we set up a roadblock to that natural capacity towards health. Whether it's a bad diet, whether it's too many toxins, and look, some of you out there, you need to get rid of your silver fillings. Some of you have mold issues. Some of you have Lyme disease, some of you maybe have different metals in your mouth creating a galvanic response, and you could have cavitations from root canals. There are different things that can create really serious health problems. Just exposure to all the toxins that we have in our society, right? They can be in your cells in your body and in your brain cells, and they can be creating this problem. But it starts with the diet.

And here's the message I want to get across with you. I believe my mom was a six pack a day ginger ale drinker, can you imagine that? In her weakened state drinking a six-pack of ginger ale with all that sugar every day. Taking that away from her, just getting rid of every inflammatory thing that we knew she was doing and putting her on a whole food diet we saw a tremendous change in a short period of time. This is what can happen with somebody who's 78 years old in final stage COPD, having had two heart attacks, on multiple medications, and it's just the beginning. I told her, I said, "Mom, it's going to be a while here. We're going to need to really work at this and see what can be done." And there are limits to time and matter, and she'll probably never get her health back completely, but to see her spiraling downhill and then to see her be able to reverse this to a degree in such a short period of time, it should give all of you hope out there.

But here's the deal, it's not good enough to just do better. This is my experience, this is what I've seen with thousands of patients in 34 years. That some of you if I would show you my mom's diet, you would be like, but i eat that and I eat that and I eat that. But you're also eating these other foods over here that are driving inflammation in your body that are full of sugar, that are full of bad fats, that are full of toxins in every known bad ingredient known to man. You got to get rid of those things. Those are the inflammatories. They're the triggers that are driving inflammation and damage at the cell level, including your brain cells. That's the place to start. So, you got to be strict. For those of you that are suffering health-wise and you're not seeing results, you have to be strict. Now, if you've done that, and you're still not getting results, well then it's going to be other issues. There are going to be things that are not being addressed. Maybe it's a toxicity issue. Maybe it's a bad gut that you have to really try to deal with.

But you get my point. It starts with a diet. That's what you need to do. What I tell everybody in my workshops is for those people in my crowd, I might have 100 people in my workshop, and I tell them all the same thing and that is, for most of you, if not all of you, you will never get your health back unless you're willing to drastically change what you're doing diet wise. So that's where it starts. I hope that helps you guys. That's what we did with my mom, and it was really a blessing to me too, because even though I've seen so much, just be able to see such tremendous change in a short period of time, it really blessed me also.


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