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Dealing with Symptoms of Anxiety
The real issue is what we're doing for it treatment-wise. The pharmaceuticals that are being used today are really hit and miss, at best. But the problem is that they all have side effects! You see, there's no such thing as a drug without side effects. Every drug is a toxin. I'm not saying there's […]
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The Single Most Effective Way to Get In Shape
The other while I was working out at my gym, something struck me. There might have been about 15 people there; it wasn't very crowded. What struck me was that about 2/3 of the people there were women. Back in my day, my brother  I owned a Gold's Gym in our hometown for 10 years. […]
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A Simple Breakfast Idea
Why Coconut Milk?  You might wonder why I use coconut milk over traditional cow's milk, or even choices like almond milk. Coconut milk is really, really rich in healthy fat. That's what is a big missing ingredient in the typical American diet, especially sick people. We've been told that we shouldn't have fat. That it […]
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The Difference With Beef
I get a lot of questions about beef. What's the difference with different types and brands of red meat? Well, there's good... ...and there's bad beef. Just like there is good and bad fat. If you have a cow that never sees a blade of grass, and lives in a food lot, is given daily […]
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The Real Health Benefits of Coffee
But, there are companies out there like Purity Coffee. I want you to check out their website at I have no affiliation with them; they don't know who I am. We just have been recommending them because the people at Purity are really paying attention to not only the quality of their organic coffee […]
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A Quick Digestion Tip
This post is going to be short and sweet -- it's just a quick tip that I think most anyone can use.  One of the biggest problems that I see in our society is the inability to digest and assimilate food. Many, many thyroid patients in particular, in my experience, have a lot of gut […]
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The Medical Community Needs to Catch Up On This
No. You know that's going to be kind of useless, right? It's actually dangerous, because if you just ignore the symptom, which is the engine light, the real problem continues to exist and eventually, it might destroy your car. Well, the same thing happens with our bodies. When we ignore root causes, and all we […]
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Why Water Matters to Your Thyroid Health
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The Right Way to Keto
You've heard about it: ketosis is all the rage. If you look online, you'll see that people are keeping their carbohydrates under 50 grams, sometimes under 30 grams, and they're forcing their body to burn fat for fuel. Here's an issue with a lot of you thyroid patients, especially you women, you simply have lost […]
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9 Best Superfoods For Low Energy
When it comes to burning fat and improving health, it’s a little bit more complicated than simply eating less and moving more. There are actually many reasons for why more than 2/3 of Americans (and Westerners in general) are now overweight. Often, when you feel hungry, it is because your body is trying to fill […]
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